What first started as a hobby in the late 80ies, quickly became a very passionate part of my life.

With 30 years in the business as a self-employed photographer of architecture, interior and hotels I can show a big amount of interesting shots for national and international clients. The pictures on this website are not only a Best-of, but mostly a selection from recent shootings.

My assignments lead me to South East Asia, Africa, India and most of the countries in Europe, where I always shot extraordinary projects for my clients in the luxury hotel-business.

„Pictures that sell“ - Thats the target of all of my shootings, because the reliance from my clients is for me on top of the list. Because of many years of experience either in marketing or in photography, I know how my clients will reach their goal - a succesful marketing campaign.

„Let´s create together“ is not only a slogan to me, it is indeed the motto of all my shootings. Only together with the team of every single hotel it is possible to implement the desired imagery. With my calm, but certain behaviour it is possible to lead every single one,  involved in the shooting, to a top performance and reach the requirements together as a team.

As a creative photographer of hotels I always believe in longterm-cooperation with my clients.


How to work with me:

  1. We arrange a free initial consultation so I know exactly how I can help you get more visibility and bookings.
  2. In the first meeting, it is agreed exactly what is needed to what extent in order to reach the expected goal.
  3. If it suits both of us and we decide to work together in the future, I will create a tailor-made offer for you.
  4. Together we look for a date for the shooting and our cooperation can begin.